Elemental Guidance, LLC embraces Teletherapy!

After the COVID-19 pandemic prompted us to shift our practice from in-person to online, we struggled to accept that this was happening. What about our office?! How can we help people reach their goals if we’re not meeting face-to-face?!

As we struggled to adjust by finding the right video/audio platforms and shift our intake forms online, we began to discover something surprising: There were MANY benefits to providing teletherapy! Below are just a few of these benefits we’ve began to experience, both for our clients and our therapists:

  • Clients report feeling just as supported using telehealth as they do in-person! Research has shown this to be true, especially for general anxiety, depression, life transitions, and family dynamics.
  • Clients can receive the quality care they deserve and from the safety and convenience of their homes.
  • Clients from different regions who wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend an in-person session, can receive help.
  • Clients report attending sessions more regularly since they don’t have to travel to an office.
  • Clients and therapists can share pictures, videos, and other digital materials with other that can enhance the session.
  • Therapists can better understand clients by seeing them in their home environments while still keeping the structure and focus of the therapy session.
  • Therapists can provide services even while traveling, so clients can continue to receive support.
  • More people can receive services by allowing therapists to save time on travel, cleaning an office to protect from the coronavirus, and other such things.

Of course, there are some clinical issues that may still benefit from in-person office visits. These can include significant trauma, eating disorders, and addiction, to name a few.

As we all continue to move forward during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to continue to err on the side of caution, but more important continue to seek that which we believe we need. For EGLLC, we are recognizing the need to embrace teletherapy. We hope you will join us in that embrace.

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