Deepa Ram-Souza MA, LMFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist / Transpersonal Philosopher (In-Training)

Deepa Ram-Souza MA, LMFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist / Transpersonal Philosopher (In-Training)

Been. Being. Becoming...

Because you and I need to believe in ourselves more than we have come to believe in discouraging and divisive messages about adversities, that is why I have dedicated my energy, time, and life's purpose to understanding pain and suffering in all types of living entities (humans, plants, and animals).

Together, we can co-create a nurturing and supportive environment. Here, we may safely co-examine the intricacies of life's experiences correlated to suffering. Instead of obstacles, adversity can become an opportunity for intrapersonal, interpersonal, sociocultural, and global transformative changes.

No longer ought we believe in pathologized labels of brokenness, deficiencies, and inadequacies. In essence, adversity can become the necessary fodder for our flourishing. By accessing and acknowledging the richness of your yesterdays, we will co-construct a bridge to an enlightened today and a transformed tomorrow.

Until you have learned to believe in yourself, I would be honored to hold a sacred and nurturing space. I believe in you; soon you will again believe in yourself and others around you. This is critical for flourishing and wellness so you and I may become the best versions of ourselves.

We will explore and create new life-style choices towards wholeness, mindfulness, transcendence, physical well-being, nature and family connectedness, and intergenerational and global healing. This approach wholly promotes wisdom, acceptance, courage, and strength within each individual, each relationship, each family, and each global community.

The end result can be a mastery of self-believing, relational harmony, family connectedness, and daily life successes, all by your own courageous hands, heart, and head. This is the formula for reaching one's greatest potential. Let's begin.

Together, you and I are the key...

Becoming the change you and I wish to see requires us to step into new paradigms of participation, acceptance, wisdom, serenity, and courage. Despite our differences and histories, we can accomplish great things, both individually and together. For this reason, EGLLC created the I AM WE (R) Initiative.

I AM WE (R) is a new social change initiative focused on lifting the shadowy imprisonment of colonial history. This shadowy layer has become the stumbling block of intercultural and intergenerational stagnation and can become the stepping stone for intrapersonal and global transformation. While all lives matter, each type of people must first reach a level of equality for this statement to never need appearance on t-shirts, protest posters, and social media posts. If all lives were treated equally, then all lives would already matter. When we sit together, everything and everyone can heal.

The I AM WE (R) initiative hosts teach-ins, mediations, and psycho-education on sociocultural factors in society (e.g., imposter syndrome, diversity and inclusion adversities, intergenerational struggles with colonization, and gender/racial/ethnic inequalities).

Do contact us so we may become of service to you and yours.

Services Offered:

Individual Services

"Be everything to you not everything to everyone."
~Lisa Lieberman-Wang

You are the one you've been waiting for. You can only be affected by the limitations of your mind, body, and spirit. Individual therapy allows you to delimit the impact of your yesterdays and access control of your today and tomorrow. The way we heal from the pain is to make it purposeful.

Group Services

"Share your similarities. Celebrate your differences."
~M. Scott Peck

Around the fire is where magic happens, as long as everyone is willing to access both their rage and courage. In groups, we will all journey into the liminal space together for the sake of healing and transformation.


"I'd rather be a guide on the side and a mage on a page than a sage on a stage."
~Dr. John

Advocacy requires going there to know there. This wisdom and experience allows one to live an exemplary life based on the purest form of unconditional regard for all things. From this place, I advocate for oneness, compassion, and healing.